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Taxi Transfers Rent of the Cars

We offer you rent of the cars with professional drivers of the high class in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We deliver the following services at European standard level:
transfers to/from the airports and railway  stations, passenger ship terminals, to/from hotels or other places - business and tourist trips around the city and suburbs - sightseeing tours with the guide - trips to other cities of Russia and Finland.

Our vehicle fleet consists of comfortable European, American and Japanese cars of economical, business and an up-market class, minivans and minibuses from 5 to 20 passenger seats. Among our cars we have Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Chrysler, Toyota and other vehicles.

Upon your request we would be happy to arrange the service of a professional guide-interpreter in different languages. This kind of guiding assistance may be needed while business trips and meetings and for excursions in St. Petersburg and the other cities of the North West of Russia and in Finland. Our guides have all the needed certificates and licenses to guide you in such famous museums as The State Hermitage, Peterhof (fountains), Tsar’s village (The Amber room) and many others.

Cost of the services     

Transfers within the limits of the city.                                                                                          

The transfer is a trip from point A to point of destination B.
It has got a fixed price, which depends
    • class of the car,
    • number of passenger seats. 
    • distance

    This is the Total Price for a Transfer:

    Economical  class cars up to3- 4 passenger seats- $20 – $40;  
    business  class up to 3- 4 passenger seats and minivans up to 8 passenger seats - $30 – $50 ;
    minibuses  from 9 to 20 passenger seats - $40 – $60;
    luxury class up to3- 4 passenger seats - $70 – $120

    This price as well includes 1-hour of driver’s time waiting for you in the airport or in the railway station or at passenger ship terminal. If it took longer to meet you, this must be additionally paid according to the hourly pricelist. Please, inform in advance about any delays if they happen. You can give a phone call  to inform the driver and avoid overpayment.

    Rent of cars with hourly payment.     

    One hour rent of the car with the driver costs – from $15 to $40, depending on a class of the car. 
    The minimum car reservation time is 3 hours and it doesn’t depend on the number of passengers.

    The cost of the hourly car service is based on the following formula:
    Cost per hour + cost of 1 hour for car delivery time

    For example, you book the car with the driver for 3 hours.
    Cost=3hours*price per hour + 1hour*price per hour (for car delivery time)
    So, this is booking time plus one hour more for car’ delivery.

    Rent of the car with the driver and the guide with hourly payment.

    The cost of one hour is from $30 to $60 depending on class of the car.

    The minimum car reservation time is 3 hours and it doesn’t depend on the number of passengers.

    The cost of the hourly CAR RENT with the driver is based on the following formula:
    Cost per hour + cost of 1 hour for car delivery time


Такси в Пулково

+7 (812) 988 45 45

Районы - Цена

Адмиралтейский 900 руб.

Василеостровский 1000 руб.

Выборгский 1200 - 1400 руб.

Калининский 1100 -1200 руб.

Кировский 800 руб.

Красногвардейский 900 -1100 руб.

Московский 800 руб.

Невский 900 руб.

Петроградский 1000 - 1100 руб.

Приморский 1200 -1400 руб.

Фрунзенский 800 руб.

Центральный 900 руб.

* расценки на минивены и микроавтобусы оговариваются отдельно

Трансферы в города

и пригороды

  • Выборг – 5500 руб.
  • Всеволожск –1700 руб.
  • Гатчина – 1700 руб.
  • Зеленогорск – 2800 руб.
  • Кронштадт – 2200 руб.
  • Колпино – 1000 руб.
  • Красное село – 1700 руб.
  • Ломоносов – 1700 руб.
  • Новгород – 7500 руб.
  • Петродворец – 1500 руб.
  • Псков – 10000 руб.
  • Пушкин – 900 руб.
  • Павловск – 1000 руб.
  • Сестрорецк – 2500 руб.
  • Такси «Бизнес тур»

  • Безопасные иномарки бизнес класса
  • Комфорт и чистота внутри автомобиля
  • Спокойное и безопасное управление автомобилем
  • Доступные цены
  • Вежливые, не курящие водители
  • Высокий сервис и удобство сотрудничества

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